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Our Services

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ICE TECH Services and Maintains Industrial Chilling & Freezing Plant & Equipment which operates on Ammonia Refrigerant R717 and Freon Gasses.  


We work in large industrial and commercially sized Cold Stores controlled by  PLC, SCADA systems


We provide Commercial Marine clients an experienced & specialist service for their HVAC & Refrigeration plant on-board a variety of different Vessels operating within both  International and New Zealand waters  


We service and maintain Walk-in Cool rooms & Freezers, Chillers and Display Cabinets.


We work with most Freon gasses, aswell as natural refrigerants, Ammonia & Co2. This also includes the use of Secondary Refrigerants, Mono Ethylene & Mono Propylene Glycols & Brines 


ICE TECH has a unique ability to operate within a variety of industries and this includes businesses which have a demand for servicing and maintaining their mechanical services.


We can work at your Manufacturing facility  or Building which has the following equipment; 


- Air Handling Units (Belt & direct drive)

- Fan Coil Units (DX & Water Actuators)

- VAV's - Variable Air Volume

- Chilled & Hot water systems 

- Evaporative Condensers & Cooling Towers

- BMS (Building Management) 


We also engage with clients who have systems which are operating in Specialized Environments such as Manufacturing facilities with Positive pressure clean rooms OR Hospital operating theatres which have  specialist Hepa type air filtration 


ICE TECH has gained many years of experience and has the knowledge to work on most brands of water chillers

Whether its a Recip, Centrif, Screw or Scroll Chiller We can offer our services to your business.    


We work on water chillers that are both water and air cooled. These chillers will typically be on board a vessel or located within a building for Air Conditioning purposes or are within a factory and Manufacturing facility for process cooling purposes.  


ICE TECH is experienced working on technically advanced Packaged chillers with the following Mechanical configurations 

- Cooling Only

- Hot water Heatpump 

 - Ground sourced water cooling 

- Simultaneous Multifunctional  

- Heat Recovery  

- 2, 4 or 6 Pipe systems 

 Service & Repairs

Whether your business has a Walk-in Fridge, Water Chiller or an Industrial Ammonia Refrigeration plant,  ICE TECH has your business covered. Our skills, knowledge and expertise provides our clients with a superior & versatile skillset meaning we can have your business critical system back up and running with minimal disruption to your operations

At ICE TECH, we understand all our clients are not the same. This means we can offer your business a Taylor made service & maintenance solution that suites your businesses individual budget or compliance requirements

Preventative Maintenance Contracts 

Fault Diagnostics & Engineered Solutions  

 ICE TECH finds solutions for clients who have systems that have  breakdown issues or repeat failures. We can inspect your system and provide you an Engineered solution which sees your repair costs and down time minimized.  

Your system may also be of an age that requires Servicing, updating or, overhauling. ICE TECH can provide your business a solution which extends the life span of your Refrigeration, HVAC or Packaged Water chiller system and brings it up to latest Compliance requirements.



Supplying critical spares to keep your business moving 

At ICE TECH we understand that your business cant operate fully while critical plant and equipment is down.

Due to the pandemic we also understand the current market difficulties in obtaining spare parts, and bringing them in to the country in a timely manner. 

That's why at ICE TECH we work with our customers to ensure they have sufficient stock of critical spares on site so in the event of component failure the equipment can be returned to operation as quick as possible. By using stock on site available to hand, the used part can then be re-ordered. This proactive approach of supplying critical spares keeps your business moving, minimizes down time, production loss, Labour costs and excessive purchasing and freight charges. 

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