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Industrial Refrigeration Solutions

We work within industries such as food manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Cold Storage & Distribution to maintain and repair their critical refrigeration equipment. We are industry and OEM qualified for superior results, keeping your production running by minimizing downtime.

We have over 20 years of reputable experience working on Industrial Refrigeration equipment in Auckland and other areas of the country.

Industrial Refrigeration Service & Repairs in Auckland & Nationwide

Refrigeration is an essential component of many industries and manufacturing processes. It prevents food from spoiling, maintaining the cold chain from farm to shop. It also prevents equipment from overheating and often keeps chemicals in an optimal state. Any disruption to the  refrigeration equipment can have a severe knock-on effect in the factory or processing plant. Regular maintenance and immediate repair are therefore important.


We are well-acquainted with most standard industrial cooling systems and fully understand any bespoke solutions installed for your operations. We are qualified to work with the Natural refrigerants such as  R717 Ammonia , CO2 and Propane, Including secondary refrigerants such as Food safe Mono Propylene glycol. 


Our expertise extends beyond the physical refrigeration system, and includes the controls and Automation systems used for monitoring and controlling your plant. We are knowledgeable in PLC & SCADA, which is essential for the effective and safe operation of any Industrial Refrigeration System. 

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Our existing clients have found immense benefits in using our tailored preventative maintenance contracts for their industrial cooling systems. Preventive maintenance and proactive repairs are key to keeping your freezers and fridges and Process equipment working optimally. We also minimize downtime during repairs by assisting our clients with keeping critical spare parts for their refrigeration equipment in stock and on-site, reducing the need to source and acquire components that may often have to be imported.

Regular Industrial Refrigeration maintenance has several benefits. Preventative maintenance improves overall system efficiency by ensuring your equipment works reliably. This also keeps energy consumption within the specified range and extends the working life of your equipment.

We follow OEM specifications and guidelines during our maintenance and repairs, safeguarding your investment by providing a quality, and expert industrial refrigeration solution for your business while complying with industry regulations.

Providing 24/7 Industrial Refrigeration Service and Repairs 

ICE TECH offers a qualified and experienced service for your business 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. We can have a technician deployed to your business's needs any time of the day or year. Call us today to discuss your requirements further. 

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