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HVAC & Mechanical Services
Preventative Maintenance and Repairs

Regular HVAC maintenance is essential to keeping mission your businesses environmental needs at its most efficient. When things break down, prompt and lasting repairs are vital to saving money and keeping your business going. A responsive service partner can make a difference in your experience and the outcome.

At ICE TECH, we provide a complete service for our clients that encompasses everything from providing a complexed mechanical services maintenance plan to reactive repairs. With more than two decades of experience across all most brands of commercial HVAC equipment, we know your plant inside out. Here's how we can help.

Keeping Your HVAC System in Top Condition

Periodic inspections, maintenance, and cleaning are essential to prolonging your system's life. This is true for everything from an office's aircon system to the heavy-duty large building mechanical services HVAC system. commercial We can provide a highly customizable solution for maintaining equipment on a set schedule and budget.


We build preventative maintenance contracts to align with your specific needs. We then deliver on our promises, providing regular upkeep to maximize the life expectancy of the equipment you have invested in. Our maintenance includes insight into the current health of your units and identifies any potential problems before they become bigger and costly issues.

Prevention is always better than the cure....


Experienced and Detail-Oriented HVAC Repairs


Preventative maintenance is important, but it can't account for everything. When you experience an equipment failure, we understand how important it is to minimise downtime. It isn't just a matter of comfort—you may have systems that rely on HVAC for a vital workflow process. We respond swiftly to restore functionality as soon as possible.


At ICE TECH, we maintain an extensive stock of spare parts from major manufacturers. Working with our clients, we look to understand what parts may be necessary. We strive to maintain the on-site availability of critical spares for fast, effective repair work. Despite the need for agility, we never cut corners—you can always depend on quality outcomes from our skilled "Industrial Cooling Engineers & Technicians"

Let Our Team Look After Your Commercial HVAC Systems

No matter the industry or the age of your equipment, ICE TECH is here to help you extend the life of your HVAC & Mechanical services investment. Whether you have a simple system or a highly specialized setup, we hold ourselves to the highest standards. Professionalism and quality outcomes are the focus of all we do. Work with a team today that understands the critical importance of proper maintenance, Customer services and prompt response and repair.

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