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Commercial Refrigeration Services

Service, maintenance and repair of commercial refrigeration systems is our business, which we have been doing for over 20 years. We have worked on a wide variety of commercial cooling and freezing installations for a range of diverse clients – from supermarkets to ships; we have done them all. Ice Tech is happy to assist you with your commercial refrigeration requirements. 

Reliable Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance in Auckland

Ice Tech is qualified and approved to undertake the service and maintenance of all types of Commercial  refrigeration systems.

We are also capable of creating bespoke, engineered solutions for clients with individual and unique requirements such as;  

Precise cooling of pharmaceutical products or general low temperature  for frozen foods.

We offer our customers preventative maintenance contracts to keep their commercial fridges and freezers operational  all year round . We encourage clients to keep stock of critical parts on-site so that maintenance and fault repairs can be effected with minimum downtime. Preventative maintenance is important for the reliable working of commercial-grade equipment and for reducing the need for costly and time consuming Refrigeration repairs.

If your Refrigeration is not working efficiently, our technicians are well-versed in fault diagnostics and can identify an issue during a routine inspection repair or maintenance. Getting your refrigeration system running again in a timely fashion is always critical to any commercial business , that's why at Ice Tech we respond to service and breakdowns with minimal notice from our clients who have a 24/7 business critical cooling requirement. 

Ice Tech works with all the standard refrigerants used in commercial fridges and freezers in New Zealand. This includes offering solutions to  systems operating with discontinued gasses such as R22  and the soon to be phased out refrigerant R404a. 

Specialist Marine HVAC & Refrigeration in New Zealand


Ice Tech works with clients who have Marine and Offshore based HVAC & Refrigeration systems. Our services is offered to New Zealand based companies and companies based overseas. Our work encompasses climate-controlled reefer vessels, Naval vessels, fishing trawlers to name a few. All of which rely on the critical efficiency of the refrigeration system while at sea. 


Marine HVAC & Refrigeration maintenance and repairs to the on board  fridges freezers & Air Conditioning systems requires  a high level of Skill and experience which Ice Tech offers its clients.

 We also work along side Refrigeration OEMs and ship owners for positive results in whatever your marine HVAC & Refrigeration requirement. 

A Service Provider offering 24/7 coverage in Auckland

Choose ICE TECH for the best results in your refrigeration service and maintenance requirement in Auckland. Our response to business-critical refrigeration is available 24/7, preventing our clients suffering unnecessary and costly stock loss and downtime. We have the specialist skills and qualifications to attend to your  industrial and commercial Refrigeration system. 

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